Our business continues its strong growth at +17.5% for the first half of 2019


Our b usiness has remained very bullish in the first ha lf of 2019 , growing  in France  (+13.4%)  and outside France ( +21.0%).  On a li k e-for-like basis and constant exchange rate business grows by  12.5%  (13.4%  in  France  and  11.7%  outside France despite a negative cale ndar effect (-1 business day in H1  2019 ).  Growth was observed in all business areas  and more specifically  in  Aerospace, Rail/Naval, Defense & Security and Life Sciences .   EXTERNAL GROWTH: 6 ACQUISITIONS OUTSIDE FRANCE In a strategic context of international growth, A LTEN is consolidating its po sition abroad and has carried out 6 acquisitions outside France  in the first half of 2019 (5 in Europe and 1 in Asia):

  • 2 companies in Germany (annual revenue€ 22.M, 255 consultants) 
  • 1 company in Spain (annual revenue 6 M, 95 consultants) 
  • company in the UK (annual revenue:  11 M, 170 consultants) 
  • company in Denmark (annual revenue 6 M, 50 consultants)
  • company in India (annual revenue 8.5 M, 260 consultants) 

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