ALTEN Group 2020 full-year results

ALTEN Group's 2021 full year financial result

Revenue reaches €2,331.9 M decreasing by 11.1% as compared to 2019. On a like‐for‐like basis, business decreases by 12.9% (‐19.5% in France and ‐7.9% outside France) as it is strongly impacted by the health crisis.

The crisis has mainly impacted the Automotive and Civil aeronautics whereas Rail/Naval, Life Sciences and Energy (Oil & Gas excepted) are strong and still growing.

Therefore business has significantly decreased in 2020 in the countries where the Automotive and Civil aeronautics are predominant – such as France, Germany, Sweden, the US and the UK. On the contrary, performance was satisfactory in Southern Europe, Switzerland and Asia Pacific.

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