Microbiology successful innovation process


Our team of 50 consultants have been working for Novartis Pharmaceutical Production in Stein in the field of microbiology operations.

The main activities we cover are the following:

  • ensuring continuous operations in 11 Laboratories
  • ensuring continuous support of pharmaceutical production
  • ensuring quick solving of deviations and support of release of medical products
  • managing a team of 35 analysts
  • continuous qualification and requalification of deployed analysts
  • participating and initiation of improvement projects in Novartis (e.g. SAP-paperless working)
  • continuous monitoring and improvement of ALTEN-TEAM performance
  • flexible adaption to new situations and demands

As a key partner, we are bringing our added-value to Novartis:

  • enabling Novartis management to react quickly and flexible to upcoming challenges
  • organizing and management of laboratories and appointed teams
  • take over all HR-related activities and responsibilities
  • continuous gathering of Key-Performance Indicators
  • application of already industry proven methods for team management and monitoring
  • highly – flexible deployment of staff
  • reliable & fair partnership for cost-effective operations