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Digital transformation means that testing activities are key to ensuring the best customer experience for companies. It also makes decision-makers aware of the price of “non-quality”, both in financial and image terms. As an essential pillar of software development, software testing is not immune to these transformation processes.

To meet these challenges, ALTEN places innovation at the centre of its software testing offer. We provide our clients with dedicated testing practices to ensure our work meets stringent quality and performance standards. Our multi-specialist approach provides our clients with our cutting-edge expertise in all aspects of software testing activities.

Software Testing Automation

The adoption and spread of Agile and DevOps methodologies are forcing a rethink of testing practices so that they do not become a bottleneck in the software development process. It is therefore important to reach a high level of automation to guarantee quality and secure time to market.

This automation concerns all processes, including software testing. Thus, when it comes to defining and setting up test environments, it is important to be able to take advantage of the new opportunities offered by virtualisation and cloud computing.  

The testing market has grown steadily in recent years, driven by companies’ digital transformation. As a leader in engineering and IT services, ALTEN has a wide range of capabilities and strong expertise in all of these practices. As a Global ISTQB® partner, the Group covers a wide range of projects thanks to the four pillars of its testing offer: consulting, the test factory, test automation and training.   

Advise – Test – Automate – Train

Our expertise

Advice on optimising your testing practices

Support you in improving your software testing practices

Our Consulting Practice helps you improve your testing processes, both in practices and tooling. We offer a wide range of services, including maturity studies, test industrialisation processes, support in securing the transition to Agility, and assistance in defining the test sourcing policy.

Our work helps you answer these questions by defining the test strategy and the target organisation to be put in place.

Case studies

Defining a roadmap for industrialising test practices

One of ALTEN’s customers underwent an approach to professionalise its testing activities to industrialise its solutions validation process. ALTEN helped them to lay out a roadmap to industrialise testing practices, including defining and implementing test processes, establishing best practices to estimate the test workload and identifying keys to effectively managing testing efforts.

Assessing the maturity of testing practices

ALTEN helped one of its customers to audit its testing practices, understanding the current level of maturity of  testing activities and lay out an improvement plan. Once this was accomplished, the tasks in the roadmap were prioritised by the expected return on investment.

Test Factory

Support software testing activities at different levels of engagement

Our Test Factory offering includes the management of the various testing-related activities. This entails a wide range of activities, including: 

  • The different levels of testing, from module to integration, from functional to acceptance  
  • The types of tests: functional, accessibility, operability or performance 
  • Go-live validation, from the definition of the acceptance test strategy to the production of the acceptance report 
  • Test methodologies, whether Agile or V-model 

Case studies

Setting up an outsourced service centre

The customer wanted support from a testing partner to improve the quality of the solutions it offers to its customers. This objective entailed industrialising and streamline testing workloads.

Setting up a service centre for an application redesign project

The customer was engaged in a strategic project to redesign its subscriber management process. It entrusted ALTEN with the implementation of a testing service centre to handle the validation of the solution in an Agile context and composed of five main iterations.

Software Test automation

Help you get the most out of your approach to automation

A high degree of automation has become a priority so that testing does not become a bottleneck in the software development process. ALTEN has many strengths to leverage to meet this need:

  • Experience in the field, both in conducting opportunity and feasibility studies for automation and in overall project management. 
  • The A.T.A. (ALTEN Test Assets) is a tool-box that represents our wealth of methods and tools that support and optimise our approach and include a model for managing all steps of a project, tools to building a project scorecard and calculating ROI, and an eligibility matrix to choose the best candidates for automation.  
  • An established practice of experienced consultants knowledgeable in the main tools on the market.  

ALTEN can respond to all of your challenges in industrialising and optimising your testing practices.

Case studies

Building a test automation framework

As part of the process of industrialising its customer’s testing practices, ALTEN implemented a test automation framework to validate connectivity service applications. Automation is at the heart of this strategy to offer the best customer experience and to meet time to market requirements.

Defining a test automation strategy

ALTEN supported its customer in expanding its test coverage and reducing the costs of its non-regression tests. The customer wanted a new automation strategy that could reconcile these two objectives and contribute to expanding Agile practices. In a context of an ongoing Agile and DevOps transformation, ALTEN established an automation strategy whose primary objective was to reduce the costs of non-regression tests.

Software Testing Training

Professionalise the role of software tester

The ALTEN Academy regularly trains and certifies our employees in all the testing paths according to the ISTQB® syllabi. This means that you have access to high-performance consultants with state-of-the-art practices.

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