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In today’s global context, systems engineering must enable manufacturers to meet a wide range of challenges, starting with project coordination linked to sometimes multinational industrial set-ups and the growing complexity of systems, which now include multiple components, sub-systems and interfaces. In addition, they also have to meet a growing number of technical, regulatory, operational and security requirements, while at the same time being able to cope with new types of threat. Designed to optimise performance, systems engineering also enables efficient management of the product life cycle. Finally, today, this profession is also synonymous with digitization, innovation, and competitiveness.  

The ALTEN Systems Engineering offer is a support for your multi-industry projects and aims to help you manage the complexity of your products by ensuring the coherent and efficient integration of all system components, as well as their interoperability. We systematically identify, document and manage requirements, guaranteeing traceability throughout the development process. We provide solutions that take account of all constraints and objectives, such as technical performance, costs, development timescales, reliability, maintenance and energy efficiency.  

ALTEN’s systems engineering plays an active role in optimising product life cycle management, from design to manufacturing, including maintenance, through to waste management and recycling of systems or components. We master both the fundamental tools of systems engineering and the new PDM tools for managing design data and processes (3DX, DNG, RTC, RQM).  

Methodologies and tools to support innovation

With the support of our Innovation Department (DIN), we aim to be a genuine partner on the road to innovation. In terms of systems engineering, the implementation of the Smart Design research programme has made it possible to consider the various technical issues involved: Model Based System Engineering (MBSE), Multi-Disciplinary Analysis and Optimisation (MDAO), Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) and MB testing in particular.  

Our innovation teams work with our customers, both manufacturers and start-ups, on a wide range of issues: Multifunctional Design, Co-Engineering, controls and inspections, repair methodologies, control of the recycling chain, integration and validation, propagation of certainties, traceability of requirements, or linking MBSE and MBSA.  

The DIN’s approach to systems engineering also involves exploring a range of innovative scientific concepts: projects around the SRM (Smart Requirement Modelling) Factory, the industrialisation of requirements modelling, the simplification and automation of V&V through requirements modelling, traceability by design, health monitoring by design, and so on. 

As systems become increasingly complex and incorporate a multiplicity of technologies, ALTEN provides you with its multidisciplinary expertise to help you build complex and innovative systems that best meet your organisation’s needs. ALTEN manages the design of your systems from start to finish.  

Training – Advising – Designing – Integrating 

Our expertise

System design training

To help your staff develop their system design skills 

Whatever the specifics of your organisation, the ALTEN Academy trains and certifies your staff in system design, enabling your teams to perform more effectively and implement practices in line with the state of the art.   

Training in MBSE methods 

A customer asked ALTEN to train its employees in MBSE methodologies, intended to be applied to the system design of avionics systems. In particular, ALTEN provides training in the use of a framework specific to this customer for modelling functional, logical and physical architectures. 

Systems engineering & PDM consultancy

To certify and optimise your systems 

Thanks to our mastery of complex architectures acquired through many years of experience, we are able to certify all your systems, even when they are made up of different technologies. We can also support you in upgrading and optimising your systems. 

Setting up a nearshore activity centre 

ALTEN has developed a multi-technology (avionics, hydraulics, electrical) nearshore system design activity centre in Spain for one of its customers.  

Systems design

To design complex systems to meet your business constraints and requirements

We design your complex systems and monitor, in compliance with current standards, the development of their cost, quality and deadlines. 

Specification and design

ALTEN is assisting one of its customers with the specification and design of all of its systems (multi-site, multi-programme project).  


To ensure the perfect integration of system components

We draw up test plans to check the efficient integration of the various entities making up your complex systems, on a bench or platform, using simulations or real equipment.  


As part of our space activities, working with major industrial players and space agencies (particularly CNES), ALTEN carries out the integration of satellite equipment and systems. As part of an international Franco-American project, ALTEN is assisting one of its customers with the integration of satellite components. Thanks to its multidisciplinary engineering teams, ALTEN covers all Assembly, Integration & Test (AIT) stages: definition of integration procedures for operators, verification of correct operation of subsystems and validation of performance after assembly and util the launch site.   

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