Our business continues its strong growth at +16.9% at the end of September 2019


Business grows by 16.9% at the end of September 2019 both in France (12.3%) and abroad (20.7%). On a like-for‐like basis and constant exchange rate, business grows by 12.0% (12.3% in France and 11.7% outside France). As compared to Q3 last year, Q3 2019 has benefited from one more business day and has therefore produced 1.4% of additional growth. Following on this first semester, all business sectors are growing, more specifically Rail/Naval, Aerospace, as well as Defense/Security.

Assuming similar economic conditions, ALTEN confirms it should achieve a satisfactory organic growth around 10% in 2019. ALTEN will also further develop its targeted strategy of external growth to accelerate its expansion, more particularly on an international level.

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