ALTEN Switzerland joins Swiss Cleantech

ALTEN Switzerland joins Swiss Cleantech business association and strengthens its commitment to sustainability

ALTEN Switzerland is glad to become a member of Swiss Cleantech , the Swiss business association for a climate-compatible economy.

Composed by over 500 members from all sectors, Swiss Cleantech is committed to climate protection through the signature of the commitment charter . The goal is to mobilize politicians and society toward a CO2-neutral Switzerland by 2050. This will make the economy climate-friendly.

Swiss Cleantech members are joining because they are convinced that companies can make a significant contribution to tackling the climate crisis. Companies must adapt their business models to climate objectives. This is possible if the right political framework conditions are in place. This is how the economy can become climate-friendly and reach zero-carbon emissions by 2050.

“At ALTEN we have set ambitious sustainability goals, and we are convinced that we can together with the other Swiss economy actors build a cleaner, greener, and safer future,” says our Business Development Director, Herbert Maisl. “As a company, it is possible to take effective measures to reduce our impact on the environment. Collaboration with other companies, as well as scientific, political, and social support which is enabled by Swiss Cleantech, is a strong means to achieve this common goal of a sustainable Swiss climate policy.”

As an Engineering, IT Services, and Life Sciences consulting company, we are conscious that we can influence our impact on society and the environment by involving ourselves in sustainable activities.

The energy transition is at the heart of our activity and we strive to develop greener technologies and innovations further. Some of our projects are focusing on the railway industry which is one of the less consuming modes of transportation, on electric vehicles, or on building global energy systems.

In joining Swiss Cleantech, ALTEN Switzerland is strengthening its commitment to help further drive the transformation to a carbon-neutral economy.

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