Stories Of Women in Engineering – Claudia Arrigo

Interview with Claudia Arrigo

I am Claudia Arrigo. I hold the position of Senior Managing Director for ALTEN’s Engineering Division in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, and Denmark.  
I am a telecommunications engineer and I began my career as a consultant in a small company. I specialized in management after gaining experience working abroad. I then pursued a career as a business manager in Italy, which led me to my current position. My interest in engineering was sparked by my natural affinity for science subjects. I possess an analytical mind and have always been fascinated by technological advancements, product design, and the process of innovation. 

Can you describe your role and responsibilities? 

At ALTEN, I oversee the Engineering Division’s business which includes services for the aerospace and aviation, transportation, industrial, energy, and telecommunications markets. My responsibilities include managing the existing business and developing new opportunities for the company and its employees.  

What values guide your approach as a manager?  

To me, leadership is about being able to navigate challenges, stay confident, and create a shared vision within the team to achieve common goals. It is essential to lead by example: I work with the same commitment that I expect from my team, and this always leads to good results. Additionally, I never make promises that I cannot keep. Transparency and trust are crucial to me because they form the basis of excellent leadership. 

I also value people’s merit and skills without making gender distinctions. I have equal numbers of men and women on my team. As a woman, I’ve always made it a point to encourage equality, whether it be in terms of opportunities or development. Today especially, in the position of Director, I make it a priority that the individuals on my team experience no disparities.  

What challenges have you encountered as a manager at ALTEN? 

One of the biggest challenges I face at ALTEN is managing an area that comprises many different countries. It is challenging but also inspiring to deal with various cultures, markets and issues. I began by studying the local market and cultures, collaborating closely with the local teams. Then, with the help of colleagues, I developed a business strategy and finally, we began measuring the results. 

What role has ALTEN played in your professional development? 

ALTEN is a company that offers numerous opportunities for individuals who are enthusiastic about growing in various roles, from the technical to staff functions.  

What is your advice to women interested in careers in engineering? 

Despite the underrepresentation of women in engineering, there is a very encouraging trend of more young women choosing to study STEM subjects and enter this field. My advice to young women who aspire to become top managers in the field of engineering is to always be curious, not to stop at the surface of things but to persevere, to go deeper and analyze them. I want to remind them that companies like ALTEN recognize the value of their employees regardless of gender and will provide opportunities to help them reach their full potential. 

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