Software Development for the Fintech

Software Development

Our teams of consultants are working as Senior Front-End Developers for a large fintech company that develops and provides core banking software.

We are currently developing a wealth management platform. The software is used by investors to manage their clients’ assets, particularly for actions such as trading, provide guidance before making the final decision, extract analyses and download reports for analyses, and empower clients to take control of their investments. This software is developed internally and then provided as a solution to clients such as banks.

The software uses up-to-date technologies and follows high standards, as it must meet customer expectations. It will be used by investors to trade and guide them in choosing the best investment strategy. In fact, the customer (people who apply to banks to use the software) can choose to give their investors full control over the management of their assets. This platform provides numerous reports to investment managers who can monitor investment analysis.

We are working closely with DevOps developers, UX Designers, and Product Owners. We are working among others with Angular 14, Java, OpenShift, Docker, and Jenkins.