Quality Policy

The Management of ALTEN Switzerland intends to adopt a Quality System compliant with the International Standards ISO 9001, applying it to all business areas in order to achieve the following first objectives:

• The satisfaction of stakeholders, in particular of their Customers, aiming at the most complete and total conformity of the products and services provided to the needs of the Customer, being these elements expressed or not in the contract;

• Compliance with all the controls established for the process steps and the introduction of new controls for the steps that should detect eventual deficiencies;

• The improvement of the internal efficiency in order to limit the non-conformities of process and those of organizational type;

• Ensure the safeguard and protection of the environment, prevent pollution and pursue the continuous improvement of its environmental performance, minimizing the risks related to the activities carried out and the services provided;

• Control of significant environmental impacts arising from its activities, reducing waste and rationalizing the use of natural and energy resources (water, electricity, gas, paper, fuel);

• Information security within the organization (integrity, confidentiality and availability);

• Guarantee actions and behaviors based exclusively on criteria of transparency, fairness and moral integrity, which prevent any attempt of corruption;

• Strict and full compliance with current legislation on the prevention and fight against corruption, in Switzerland and in any country where the Organization is operating, with the involvement of employees, collaborators in any capacity, and of all those who work for and/or under the control of the organization;

• Continuous reliability, business continuity, secure use of available business resources, minimizing information risks, threats and vulnerabilities;

• Compliance with mandatory laws and regulations in the management of health and safety at work, aimed at protecting, defending and safeguarding the physical and mental well-being of each worker;

• The responsibility in the management of safety in the workplace that concerns the entire organization of the company, from the Employer up to each worker, according to its responsibilities and competences, considering workplace safety and its results as an integral part of business management;

• A greater awareness of the issues of Social Responsibility (Social, Societal, Environmental), which at the environmental level, results in an increasingly green approach.

This is the premise for a business development according to internal organizational rules able to continuously address the entire span of the phases of its processes, giving particular attention to those that have the greatest influence on the quality level of performance.

In particular, ALTEN Switzerland has decided to adopt a Quality Policy that also covers its own Resources, for which it wants to obtain, consistent with other company objectives:

• A correct balance between job satisfaction and employees’ private lives: ALTEN believes that this objective is well matched by maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction;

• A balance between Company results and resource expectations, taking care of the professional growth of people and their involvement with the activities carried out and with the Quality System adopted;

• A valorization of the resource in relation to the job carried out and the profuse engagement, with the allocation of diversified concrete acknowledgments in function of the various professional categories.

Being an ALTEN employee means:

• Be part of a team;

• Have the opportunity to participate in CSR events;

• Also work (on authorization) in Smart working.

The Management will therefore be particularly careful about the behavior of each of its collaborators, which will therefore be evaluated also according to the degree of commitment it will demonstrate in facilitating the pursuit of the stated objectives.

This Policy is disseminated to all business functions and activities at all levels, and it is the task of all to actively collaborate, as far as their competence, to the improvement of the Quality Management System.

The Management of ALTEN Switzerland undertakes to provide the necessary technical, economic and professional resources, so that the objectives of this Policy are fully achieved.

The Management ensures, through periodic verification activities, that this policy is understood and implemented by all the company functions and that the stated objectives are pursued.

The Management of ALTEN Switzerland, finally, ensures that the Quality Policy is made available to interested parties and to anyone who requests it. In particular, it is communicated to all employees via e-mail and published on INSIDE, and to all stakeholders through publication on the company’s website.

The Company Quality Policy will be subject to continuous verification and will be updated at each annual review of the Management.

Click on the following link to access the certificate: ISO 9001:2015 certificate