ALTEN Switzerland, sponsor of the Habibti Race Team for the “Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles” 2023 in Morocco

Rallye des Gazelles

We are proud to announce that ALTEN Switzerland is supporting the Habibti Race Team, Team number 145, participating in the next edition of the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles from March, 3 rd to March, 18 th in the Moroccan desert.

The rally is the only 100% female off-road rally raid in the world based on environmental values (the only rally-raid ISO 14001 certified). For the 32nd anniversary of the rally, the participants will leave Nice and compete in the race from Erfoud to Essaouira, only with maps and a compass, no GPS or mobile phone are allowed.

ALTEN is fully committed to the engagement of women in all fields. We ensure parity and equality in our teams, and we support our employees in both their professional and personal endeavors. That is why we decided to support Olivia Aubertin, IT Services Business Manager, and her copilot Marie Giocanti.

The Habibti Race Team chose to support the association Coeur de Gazelles which is striving to help local Moroccan populations:

  • Healthcare access for Moroccans living in remote areas
  • Opening a social nursery and renovating schools to fight illiteracy
  • Providing training and professional reintegration for women
  • Daily living assistance, such as clothing, hygiene products, etc.

As a committed employer, we are proud to be part of the journey, based on mutual aid, solidarity, sharing, perseverance, and courage. Supporting a project committed to the emancipation of women is particularly important to us.

Olivia shared her thoughts with us a few weeks before the departure: “I am proud to take part in the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles’ 32nd edition with my co-pilot Marie Giocanti. As future Gazelles, we are proud to carry with us the founding values: courage, desire to push our limits, loyalty, solidarity, and an environmental and social commitment. We want to show any woman that the impossible can become possible. These nine days in the Moroccan desert are about to push our limits. It will be the most challenging adventure in our lives! A big thank you to my employer ALTEN Switzerland for believing in us and in our project for this exciting chapter in my life. We appreciate you spreading the Rallye des Gazelles values and supporting Coeur de Gazelles.”

We wish you the best of luck, Olivia and Marie! See you at the finish line in Essaouira!

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