Artificial Intelligence: human-machine complementary, a powerful performance driver

Artificial Intelligence

Our engineers experts in Artificial Intelligence are developing further AI solutions in order to integrate it into the quality process of our client. The protocols and standards to be followed are numerous in the pharmaceutical industry and are currently managed by human intelligence. The question arose whether AI could enhance these processes by increasing their reliability, speed and reducing the associated costs.

Innovations involving an entire phase of training in AI, to enhance the added value provided to quality specialists and to clarify the impact of the changes brought about by the integration of this technology.

“The first step that should be carried out in any AI project is to analyse the usability of the available data in terms of quantity and quality. Indeed, on the basis of this observation, the new way of working on which the AI algorithm will be based is determined” . The first milestone was completed with the development of the prototype of this algorithm to verify that it reproduces the behaviour of the quality specialists, helping them to reinforce the reliability of their usual process.